If you are interested in joining the club please contact the secretary for an application form.
Listed below is the procedure adopted by Coventry Magic Circle when dealing with applications for membership. The time scale may vary due to the availability of Council meetings, but every effort is made to process applications quickly.
  • Application form sent to prospective member on request. The prospective member takes on Applicant status.
  • The completed form is returned to the secretary along with joining fee and annual subscription. A meeting will then be arranged with the prospective member for an interview with two members of the Council of Elders at the prospective members’ home.
  • The completed application form along with the fees will then be put before the Council of Elders for approval.
  • If the Council is satisfied, the prospective member takes on Introductory Status. The length of time between the receipt of the application form and Introductory Status is typically six weeks.
  • At some point during the next three months, the prospective member will be invited to take an audition or a presentation depending on their status as a magician. There are no exceptions to this.
  • If the Council is satisfied with the content and quality of the audition/presentation, the prospective member will be invited to a six-month membership as an Associate Member.
  • After six months the Council will discuss the individual and consider giving full membership.
  • If the Council agree, full membership will be offered to the individual. They will then be presented with a membership certificate.
  • The prospective member will be advised at all stages of the process. If at any time the Council rejects the applicant, the process ceases. Only the joining fee is refundable.
Membership Status
Applicant: May only attend ‘Open Nights’ (meetings that are open to the general public.)
Introductory: May only attend ‘Open Nights’ and ‘Free & Easy’ meetings. May not attend Council meetings.
Associate: May only attend ‘Open Nights’, ‘Free & Easy’ meetings, most lectures and dealer demonstrations. May not attend Council meetings. Permitted to attend the AGM but not allowed to vote.
Full: No restrictions.
For more details or an application form contact our secretary  Steve Clements